Souls. Dreams. Past. Memories. What’s left when nothing to touch and see remains.

In the name of progress in 1971, Yugoslavia submerged a town on the bank of the Danube. Building a dam was the most important goal, and the old town Donji Milanovac and its inhabitants were the obstacle that was standing in its way. No one believed Danube could be tamed and town submerged.

Thousands of people lost their hometown, their roots were cut from them. The river’s flow, species of fish and the local climate were changed forever. Their voices and feelings were never heard, they were subsumed by “progress”.

Today, the sunken town is still alive in their dreams, memories, in their present life. The town became a ghost that haunts its inhabitants.

In 2014, with the great floods in the Balkans the town has risen from the water.